Tax Free Shopping

Any product with this "Tax Free Shopping" mark indicates that you will get a refund on VAT.
In order to receive the refund you must depart Korea within 3 months of purchase.

1. Purchase your items at any shop with this "Tax Free Shopping" mark and receive a payment slip. (Global Refund Cheque)

2. Before you check-in, please take your purchased goods and the corresponding payment slips to the 'Oversize Baggage Input' area, if you are not going to bring your purchased goods to the airplane. There are two counters, one near section D and one near section J. Here they will give you the stamp necessary to receive your refund. (see below map for your reference)
If you are going to bring your purchased goods to the airplane, you can get the customs stamp at the ¨è¡®Customs Declaration¡¯ section.(see below map for your reference)

3. The Cash Refund Office at the airport is located at Gate 28, where you can receive your VAT refund. You may also be able to get a refund at the airport of your destination.
Most Tax Free Shopping centers are found either at department stores or shops in the Myeong-dong and Cheongdam-dong areas.

[Incheon International Airport]

Global Refund

Global Refund is the World¡¯s Leader in tax refund services, serving to over 10 million travelers a year at 210,000 retailers through 700 refund points in 34 countries on 4 continents. Global Refund Korea provides Value Added Tax (VAT) and Special Excise Tax (SET) refund services to foreign travelers who visit Korea. Customers are able to claim their refund in cash at the Global Refund points at Incheon International airport at departure.
Location: The Departures floor (3rd floor), near Gate 28.
Tel: 82-32-743-4140
Hours of Operation: 07:00 ~ 21:00