Traditional Markets / Shopping Districts

[Enjoy Shopping in Seoul]
There are several phrases that describe Korea's capital, Seoul a harmony of the traditional and modern, a center of the IT industry, and a shopper¡¯s heaven. Seoul offers a satisfying shopping experience for all shoppers, from traditional souvenirs, arts, luxury brands, and fashion trends. The products also vary according to the interests of visitors from various parts of the world. Japanese tourists usually shop for kimchi and kim (dried seaweed lavers), which are two of Korea¡¯s major food products. Visitors from Southeast Asia generally visit Dongdaemun Market area to shop for trendy clothes and accessories at bargain prices. European tourists are interested mostly in Asia and Korea¡¯s unique cultural products and souvenirs.

Dongdaemun Market

Only fashion! Dongdaemun Market is filled with trendy fashions and fashionable people night and day. You can find all sorts of fashions from your head all the way down to your feet, and also see Korea¡¯s current fashion trends. The prices are affordable as well. Dongdaemun Market is very large, and the shops in the buildings surrounding Dongdaemun Stadium are fashion-related (clothes, materials, etc). Due to its grand scale, even those who frequent the area sometimes get confused.

From Dongdaemun Stadium to Dongdaemun, large shopping buildings such as Doota and Migliore line the street. Across these buildings are shops for retailers such as Jeil Pyeonghwa Market. It is easy to get lost in the crowded area of Dongdaemun at nighttime. Doota Mall is one of the largest buildings, selling clothes, accessories, and more, on segmented floors. You can also find unique products designed by individual shops. Migliore Mall and Hello Apm Mall, located next to Doota offer similar things. However, each shop provides unique items of their own, so it can be quite fun to go around and compare prices before deciding to buy something.
¨ç Tourist Information Center
- Location: Take Subway Line No.2, No.4, No.5 to Dongdaemun Stadium Station and go out of Exit No.1; you will see the Tourist Information Center located 150m from the exit.
- Contact Number: 02-2236-9135
- Language Services: English, Japanese, Chinese Available
- Service Hours: 10:00 22:00 (No holidays)
¨è Transportation
Take Subway Line No.2, No.4, No.5 to Dongdaemun Stadium Station and go out of Exit No.14, walk in the direction of Dongdaemun about 200m down to get to Hello Apm, Migligore, and Doota malls.
¨é Note
- Korea¡¯s most crowded night scene can be found at Dongdaemun Market. As the night gets darker, this area gets more congested with people and cars. Weekends are especially busy, so if you want to shop during a less crowded time, avoid the weeknights.
- Purchasing Hanboks (Korea¡¯s traditional clothes)
Across the Cheonggyecheon stream from Doota, Dongdaemun Shopping Complex comes into view (take Subway Line No.4 to Dongdaemun Station and go out of Exit No.4), which has many Hanbok shops on the first floor. If you want to purchase a Hanbok as a souvenir, this is the place to go to find beautiful affordable Hanboks.