Traditional Markets / Shopping Districts

Namdaemun Market

Namdaemun Market is Korea¡¯s largest market, and is surrounded by Myeong-dong and Namsan. The Namdaemun district has been a major business area for merchants since the Joseon Dynasty, dating back 600 years as a commercial district. You can purchase items ranging from everyday necessities (clothes, kitchenware, food, electronics, accessories, etc.) to items such as cameras and eyeglasses. Namdaemun Market also offers Korean food products such as kimchi, kim (seafood dried lavers) and other souvenirs, and also numerous imported items from all parts of the world.
Furthermore, the distributive structure at Namdaemun Market is pretty straightforward from manufacturers to retailers or individual shoppers, offering bargain prices you cannot find anywhere else. Namdaemun Market¡¯s energy, felt among the small crowded streets with merchants shouting out ¡°cheap! Very cheap,¡± will most definitely be impressive. The atmosphere at Namdaemun Market is very different from Myeong-dong, so try and stop by the market while you are at Myeong-dong since the two districts are located side by side.
¨ç Tourist Information Center
The Namdaemun Tourist Information Center provides plenty of materials like brochures and maps on Namdaemun, not to mention the well-trained staff are fluent in English, Japanese and Chinese. TICs in Namdaemun should prove to be helpful when you get lost in mazy Namdaemun Market, or when trying to find a shop for a specific item.
Tel : Namdaemun TIC 1: +82-2-752-5728 (Kor/Eng/Jap/Chn)
Namdaemun TIC 2: +82-2-752-1913 (Kor/Eng/Jap/Chn)
Open Hours: Nov.~ Feb. 09:00-17:00 / Mar.~ Oct. 09:00-18:00
¨è Transportation
Take Subway Line No.4 to Hwehyeon Station and go out of Exit No.5 which will lead you to the entrance of Namdaemun Market.
¨é Note
Many shops are closed on Sundays and Korean holidays. Also, Namdaemun Market follows a fixed summer vacation period.