The 3rd infiltration Tunnel
The third tunnel was discovered in October, 1978. 1.95 meters high, 2.1 meters wide and 1,635 meters long, it penetrates 435 meters south of the military demarcation line and ends at the Truce Village of Panmunjeom.

Freedom Bridge
Freedom Bridge is located at 2 kilometers north of Munsan, and it is the only path that connects between the south and north around Imjin river. It originally was the Kyung-eu railway bridge, and reconstructed to the road bridge later.

Dorasan station
52 years of anticipation, waiting for the day when the two countries will be united once again. Dorasan station, the northernmost station in South Korea, has planned to connect the Gyongueisun(Line) and it will be linked to the European continent via the Siberian Railway.

Dora Observatory
Dora Observatory was built by the ministry of National Defense on September 8th, 1986. You can view the village and as far north as the city of Gaesung. Also, this place is the nearset point to North Korean from South Korea.