Changdeokgung Palace(UNESCO World Heritage)
The best preserved of the five palaces of the Joseon Dyansty, the compound has been designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Originally an auxiliary palace, but since Songjon(1470-1494), it became virtually the main palace as kings came to live there.

Seoul Museum of History
It is the Seoul Museum of History where a person attains knowledge and vision on how Seoul was born, has been transformed to the present as a world-class city, and will be changed in the future.
Seoul Museum of History presents the root of Seoul, the life of Seoul people and the changes of the modern Seoul in permanent exhibition with diverse donated collection testifying the history and culture of Seoul.

Gwanghwamun Square
On August 1st, 2009, the redesigned Gwanghwamun Square opened to the public. With the inauguration of the square, Sejong-ro, located at the center of the 600-year-old historic city of Seoul, was transformed into a human-centered space that harmonizes with the beautiful scenery of Gyeongbokgung Palace and Bukaksan Mountain.
The close to 20,000 m2 Gwanghwamun Square is located at the center of Sejong-ro which connects Gwanghwamun Gate and Cheonggye Square. The square is divided into the sections, “Recovering the History of Gwanghwamun Gate Plaza”, “Reenacting Yukjo Street Plaza”, “Korea Main Plaza”, “Civil Participation Urban Culture Plaza”, “Downtown Plaza” and “Cheonggyecheon Stream Connector”.