How to get in Seoul From Incheon International Airport
(Airport Railroad Express/The Airport Bus/Airport Taxi)

Airport Railroad Express (AREX) was opened on March 23, 2007 between Incheon International Airport and Seoul. Railroad, airport bus, and taxi services are available. One of the merits to use the railroad is that travelers can avoid the heavy traffic in Seoul.
Service hours: 7:00~21:00 (365 days a year)

1. When you out of the arrival floor, you will see a sign for the Transportation Center, where you can catch the AREX. Follow this sign and go to the Incheon Int'l Airport Transportation Center.
2. You can buy a ticket from a vending machine at the Transportation Center or from the Information Center(Korean Currency).
3. Go to the AREX entrance
4. Place the ticket lightly on the ticket sensor at the AREX Gate.
5. On the platform, the arrival time of the next train is displayed on an electronic bulletin board.
6. The interior of a commuter train is similar to that of subways in Korea. Long benches run along each side and face each other. Seats on an express train are arranged in the same way as on the KTX train.
7. When you get off the train at Gimpo Airport Station, you will see purple signs on the platform showing the way to Seoul Subway Line 5. In order to transfer to Subway Line 5, follow the signs and insert your ticket into the turnstile at the exit. You need to buy a separate ticket for the Seoul Subway.
8. When you enter the station, you need to keep your ticket after having it read by a sensor at the turnstile. When you exit the station, you need to insert the ticket into the turnstile.

The Airport Bus is the easiest way for traveling between Incheon International Airport and downtown Seoul. If the traffic is good, you can arrive in the center of Seoul from Incheon International Airport within one hour.

Airport buses run from Incheon Int'l Airport to many parts of Seoul. You can buy a ticket for your destination at the ticket desk on the arrival floor (1st floor). You can get information on bus routes and bus stops at the Airport Information Desk.

There are two types of airport buses: deluxe and standard. Deluxe buses are KAL limousines that go straight to major hotels in Seoul. Since they only go to deluxe hotels, these buses are faster than standard limousine buses. They also have fewer seats and are, naturally, more comfortable. Standard limousine buses stop at several bus stops, so you can get closer to your final destination. Airport limousine buses are much more comfortable than standard city buses.

1. At the Airport Information Desk between Gates 3 and 4 or Gates 11 and 12 on the arrival floor (1st floor), check the bus number (or route) to your destination and buy a ticket at one of the ticket booths.

2. Check the bus stop indicated on your ticket.
3. Go to the bus stop and check the bus route and departure time.
4. When on the bus, pay attention to the English recording indicating the bus stops and make sure to get off at your destination.

Using a Airport Taxi can be expensive but it¡¯ll be worth if you have heavy baggage or don¡¯t know the location of your accommodation. The expressway toll (~ 7,100 won) will be charged to the taxi passenger.

Standard and deluxe taxis carry up to four passengers, and the jumbo deluxe taxi takes up to eight passengers. The fare for a deluxe taxi is about 50% higher than for a standard taxi, but the quality of service is much better. In order to drive a deluxe taxi, the driver must have at least ten years of accident-free experience driving a standard taxi and complete special service training. Deluxe taxis are more spacious. While standard taxis have a late night surcharge, the deluxe taxi does not charge one. If you are planning to take a taxi after midnight, you might as well take a deluxe taxi. Depending on your destination, the fare for a standard taxi from Incheon International Airport to downtown Seoul should be 60,000 ~100,000. The 7,100 won toll fee for the Incheon International Airport Expressway needs to be paid by the passenger. Just in case a driver demands an extra charge, report the incident to the Foreigner Support Center (+82-2-731-6800~1, English and Japanese available).Korea is very safe country but in case, try to remember the license plate number.

To take a taxi, exit the arrival floor (1st floor) of the airport through Gates 4 through 8, cross the street, and go to the taxi stands at 4C~8C. In Korea, there are three types of taxis.