Morning TOUR 3
Morning TOUR 3 Morning N Seoul Tower Tour

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Hotel - N Seoul Tower - Namsan Hanok Village (Namdaemun Market on Mondays) - The War Memorial of Korea(National Folk Museum on Mondays) - Duty Free Shop - Drop Off at City Hall

N Seoul Tower
Located at the top of Mt, Namsan in the heart of Seoul, N Seoul Tower is a 240-meter tall tower completed in 1975, Often regarded as Asia's most beautiful tower, this tower is also where you can get the most exciting night view of Seoul, the dramatic light shows made by skyscrapers, inner city highways and the long bridges of Han river

NamSan Hanok Village
It was used to be a Korean upper class's village. Korean's original style of upper class houses and gardens will make you feel comfortable like your home. Also, they have had an time capsule to show you a celebration for 600 years as the capital.

The War Memorial of Korea
The War Memorial of Korea, as the core to enhance warrior spirit defending this country, is lively exhibited the valuable historic relics comprised in the spirit of deceased patriots using the newest exhibition techniques. Also, we are doing our best to renovate the contents of exhibition in quality meeting the changes of the times and to provide the best service for visitors. The War Memorial of Korea will make our all available efforts to continuously develop this museum as the best cultural space for national defense, civic relaxing place standing for capital city, Seoul, and the world-class museum domestic & foreign tourists like the best.