Drama TOUR 2 Daejanggeum Tour
Daejanggeum Tour

Minimum Pax:
Time Required:
A) 08:30~13:00 B) 08:30~17:00
A) KRW65,000p/p B) KRW90,000p/p
A) Hotel - Daejanggeum Theme Park (Located in Euijungbu) - Ginseng show room - Hotel
B) Hotel - Daejanggeum Theme Park(Located in Euijungbu) - Lunch - Changdeok Palace Or Gyeongbok Palace - Ginseng show room - Hotel

MBC Yangjoo Culture Valley (Dae Jang Geum Park)
The outdoor set has been restored to exactly the way it was when the drama was produced there and renovated into a theme park which offers, in addition to the existing facilities, a variety of events and programs for visitors to see, enjoy and experience. At long last, it is now open for tourists and fans of the mega hit drama, Dae Jng Geum.
The theme park spanning 6,600 square meters and consists of 23 independent facilities including Dae Jeon(king’s residence), Dae Bi Jeon(queen’s residence), Soo Ra Gan(royal kitchen) & So Joo Bang(kitchen area within the palace where chefs cook meals for those who work in the palace). Toi Sun Gan, Oak Sa, Gaek Sa(guest house), Sa Ong Won(government authority of the Chosun Dynasty in charge of cooking and food served in the palace), Geum Gae, Sool Do Ga, etc.