Provincial TOUR 4
Provincial TOUR 4 Gongju & Buyeo Tour

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08:00 ~ 18:00
Hotel - Gongju National Museum - King Muryong's Tomb - Baekmagang (Nakhaw Rok/ Baehawajeong)- GoransaTemple- Busosanseong Fortress - Seoul

King Muryong's Tomb
It was found when drainage work was conducted to prevent water penetration into the Songsanri old tombs No. 5 and 6 in 1971 and excavated for the first time about 1,500 years after it was made. In particular, people were so excited because the tomb clearly recorded that the tomb was for King Muryeong and his wife. According to excavation, the tomb of King Muryong looked like a small hill . Its diameter was about 20m and its height was 7.7m from the bottom. However, as times went by, it was seriously damaged.
Then, it is estimated that the tomb was much bigger than it is now.
The front side consists of a single room and the section is a long rectangular shape from south to north. There is a passage into a tomb in the middle. The wall is vertical from the top to the bottom, that is, south to north. The east and west side is formed with arch ceiling with gradual curve. The inner side of the tomb is 4.2m from south to north and 2.72m from east to west. The height from the top to the bottom in the middle is 3.14m. The tomb burying King and his wife is built in the basic dimension without waste of space. On the walls, long bricks and small bricks are piled up in turn. Four long bricks are horizontally piled up and 11 small bricks are vertically piled up in four horizontal piling and one vertical piling method.