Daegu TRAVEL BUS Schedule
Period Course
2016. 3 ~ 11
(The tour is only available on Fridays.)
Day 1
(Unique City Experience Tour)
Departure from Donghwa Duty Free Shop → Lunch Seomun Market → Daegu Modern Streets (Cheongnam Hills, Samil Independence Movement Mansae Alley, House of Yi Sang-hwa) → Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Cultural Center (Footbath Experience) → Kim Gwangseok-gil Street or Dongseongno Street → Apsan Observatory Night View (Cable Car) → Dinner → Hotel Check-in
Day 2
(Oriental Medicine Beauty Tour)
Breakfast → Gatbawi Rock Tracking → Guam Farm Stay (Fruit Picking Tractor Ride) → Lunch → DTC Textile Museum → Arrival at Donghwa Duty Free Shop
Tour Fee KRW 185,000 p/p (min. 2 people)

* Includes: bus, guide, accommodation (two people per room standard), hotel breakfast, admission fees, program charges
* Excludes: lunch, dinner, travel insurance
* Lodging service fees are based on double occupancy. If wish to use a single room, additional fee is charged (60USD)
* Another hotel of the same class may be arranged, depending on local conditions.
* Tourists are recommended to buy traveler’s insurance individually. This tour program is only insured against boarding-related accidents.
* Minimum number of participants: 4 adults; If this requirement is not met, the tour is expected to be canceled and fees are fully refunded.









Tour information of Daegu Province
Seomun Market

Seomun Market was one of three main markets during Joseon Dynasty and was called 'Daegu Jang' known as the largest traditional market in Hangang Inam. The specialties of the market are fabric-related items but one can find almost everything here. The past and present coexist here with the true beauty of Gyeongsang-do.
Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Museum

The museum exhibits medicinal herb products where once can see the history of Yangnyeongsi at a glance. The museum also offers various hands-on oriental health experience programs.

Kim Gwangseok-gill Street

The mural street is filled of themes of Kim Gwangseok, one of most loved musicians in Korea. Works of over 70 portraits and sculptures depicting his life and music are displayed and various famous restaurants are awaiting for customers.

Dongseongno Street

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Daegu is the vibrant and bustling streets of youth all year long. The space is concentrated of major departments stores, shopping mall, cinema, theaters, and various other cultural spaces and unique restaurants.
Modern Streets Tour

Modern streets have become Daegu's representative tourist sites loved by tourists both local and foreign. At night one can meet the beautiful scenery of Daegu by following the beautiful lights. It is a must-go course for tourists who crave for a romantic trip.
Palgongsan Gatbawi Rock

Nestled under Palgongsan Mountain (elevation 850m) sits Gatbawi Rock, a stone Buddha with 'gat'(traditional cylindrical Korean hat). Legend has it that the stone Buddha grants one wish to those who pray eagerly in front of him. At New Years or during important time of the year the place is crowded of people coming to pray.
Apsan Observatory

There are various entertainments to enjoy including cable car, observatory, and various recreational facilities. At the observatory on top of the cable car summit, one can see the whole view of Daegu City and Palgongsan Mountain.
Daegu Main Festivals Participation

There are many festivals to enjoy at Daegu every year including Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Culture Festival, Colorful Daegu Festival, and Daegu Chimac Festival. Starting from March, there are many festivals to enjoy each month.
DTC Textile Museum

The museum displays works of famous designers, best state-of-the-art textile products, and history of Korea’s textile industry. The past, present, and future of textile industries can be seen here.
Guam Farm Stay

Farming experiences include planting various vegetable seeds, thinning out the apple trees, rice reaping, and pulling out beans. The village is abounding in fruits, including apples, grapes, peaches, and chestnuts.