Gangwon Province TRAVEL BUS Schedule
Period Course
2016. 3 ~ 11
(The tour is only available on Fridays.)
Day 1
Departure from Donghwa Duty Free Shop → Lunch → Pyeongchang Woljeongsa → Alpensia Ski Resort (Ski Jump Tower Experience) → Jungang Traditional Market, Anmok Coffee Alley → Dinner → Hotel Check-in
Day 2
Breakfast → Ojukheon House → Olympic Experience Center (4D Experience) → Lunch → Jeongdongjin → Arrival at Donghwa Duty Free Shop
Tour Fee KRW 176,000 p/p (min. 2 people)

* Includes: bus, guide, accommodation (two people per room standard), hotel breakfast, admission fees, program charges
* Excludes: lunch, dinner, travel insurance
* Lodging service fees are based on double occupancy. If wish to use a single room, additional fee is charged (60USD)
* Another hotel of the same class may be arranged, depending on local conditions.
* Tourists are recommended to buy traveler’s insurance individually. This tour program is only insured against boarding-related accidents.
* Minimum number of participants: 4 adults; If this requirement is not met, the tour is expected to be canceled and fees are fully refunded.









Tour information of Gangwon Province
Alpensia Ski Resort Ski Jump Tower

The ski jump tower is a symbol of 2018 Winter Olympics. The landscape of the surroundings can be seen when moving to the summit on the monorail. Experience the feeling of ski jumpers flying in air like a bird!

The nice sandy beach stretches over 250m and is located at far east, opposite direction of Seoul. Despite many of the attractions at the beach, nothing can compare to its sunrise view. Many visitors to the park trek up to the summit of Mt. Goseong for catching the sun’s first rays.

Olympic Promotion Center

The promotion center provides a experience zone for activities related to Pyeonchang 2018 Olympics. The activities include 4D experience of curling, and educational display of hockey and luge sports game.

Ojukheon House

Ojukheon House is where great minds of Korea, Sinsaimdang lived and where her son Yi I was born. It was built approximately 600 years ago during Joseon Dynasty. The mother and son who is each on the 50,000 and 5,000 won Korean bill were models of Confucian ideals.

Woljeongsa Temple was established by Monk Ja Jang in 634 during Silla Era. Currently, the temple houses Woljinseokbo (Treasure No. 745), the remains of Octagonal nine-story pagoda (National Treasure No 48), and many other treasures. The major activity which is walking along Millennial forest and Fir forest trail will provide a nice time out in nature.
Bongpyeongjang Traditional Market

Bongpyeong Market is the stage of the famous Korean novel "When Buckwheat Flower Blooms.” The traditional market operates every month from 2nd~7th for five day, and visitors here enjoy foods made of buckwheat and activities you can experience at Korea's representative traditional markets.
Anmok Coffee Alley

There is a street lined with a variety of unique cafes nearby Anmok Beach in Gangneung. One will fall in love with Gangneung as one enjoys a cup of coffee with the view of white sandy beach and beautiful sea.