South Jeolla Province TRAVEL BUS Schedule
Period Course
2016. 3 ~ 6, 9 ~ 11
(The tour is only available on Tuesdays.)
East Route Day 1
Departure from Donghwa Duty Free Shop → Lunch → Juknokwon → Metasequoia Road → Seomjingang Train Village (Steam Locomotive Experience) → Dinner → Hotel Check-in
East Route Day 2
Breakfast → Yeosu Tour (Maritime Cable Car, Odongdo Island, Expo Park) → Lunch → Suncheonman Bay Wetland Reserve → Arrival at Donghwa Duty Free Shop
Tour Fee KRW 193,000 p/pKRW 109,000 p/p (min. 2 people) * Only November Special Price *

* Includes: bus, guide, accommodation (two people per room standard), hotel breakfast, admission fees, program charges
* Excludes: lunch, dinner, travel insurance
* Lodging service fees are based on double occupancy. If wish to use a single room, additional fee is charged (60USD)
* Another hotel of the same class may be arranged, depending on local conditions.
* Tourists are recommended to buy traveler’s insurance individually. This tour program is only insured against boarding-related accidents.
* Minimum number of participants: 4 adults; If this requirement is not met, the tour is expected to be canceled and fees are fully refunded.









Tour information of South Jeolla Province
Damyang Juknokwon Bamboo Garden

Jungnogwon, a bamboo forest, is located to the left of Damyang Hyanggyo (Confucian school) between Gwanbangjerim Forest and Damyangcheon Stream, the headstream of Yeongsangang River. The 160,000㎡ bamboo forest around Seonginsan Mountain was cultivated by the town of Damyang (Damyang-gun) and opened to the public in May 2003. A 2.2km-long trail forms where people can enjoy bamboo forest bathing. The walking path consists of various roads based on eight themes such as good luck, a lifelong friendship, and meditation, and starts from the Jungnogwon Observatory overlooking Damyangcheon Stream, Gwanbangjerim Forest full of 300 or more-year-old trees, and the Metasequoia-lined Road.

Yeosu Expo Park

The Expo Park is open to the public for free, and it is where Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea was held with great success (visitors should pay for the use of facilities). Tourists can again visit Expo Digital Gallery, Sky Tower, Big-O, and the Aquarium, which have enjoyed great popularity even after the Expo ended. They can walk in the waterside park adjacent to the ocean, fully enjoying dynamic leports programs

Suncheon Bay Wetland Reserve

The 496,000㎡ Suncheon Bay Reed Field covers Gyorang-dong and Daedae-dong in Suncheon, as well as Jungheung-ri, Haechang-ri, and Seonhak-ri in Haeryong-myeon. Unlike other reed fields where reeds are sparsely grouped, the Suncheon Bay Reed Field is tightly packed with reeds taller than humans. The largest reed field in Korea features bunches of seeds colored silver, gray, and gold, depending on the amount of sunlight, presenting a magnificent sight. Eleven different kinds of birds that are globally rare or designated as a natural monument visit the field every year, making it outdo other wetlands in the world in terms of the number of rare birds that can be sighted.
Yeosu Maritime Cable Car

The Yeosu Maritime Cable Car passes over the ocean to connect Dolsan (island) to Jasan (land), and is available as a crystal cabin and a general cabin. The crystal cabin with a transparent floor enables tourists to look at the sea and to experience a thrill and visual delight through an expansive view.
Steam Engine Train Ride

Visitors can ride on an old-style steam engine train that operates on the 10km route from former Gokseong Station (Seomjingang River Train Village) to Gajeong Station (and vice versa), enjoying the fascinating scenery of Gokseong that changes every season.