This Year's Tour City (Jecheon, Muju) TRAVEL BUS Schedule
Period Course
2016. 7 ~ 11
(The tour is only available on Tuesdays.)
Day 1
Seoul → Uirimji Reservoir → Herbal Medicine Expo Park (Free Foot Massage) → Herbal Tea Therapy Program → Oksunjeong Gungguk (Korean Archery) Activity → Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex
Day 2
Monorail Ride → Taekwondo Show Watching → Deogyusan Mountain Gondola Ride → Meoru Wine Cave → Seoul
Tour Fee KRW 177,000 p/pKRW 88,000 p/p (min. 2 people) * Only November Special Price *

* Includes: bus, guide, accommodation (two people per room standard), hotel breakfast, admission fees, program charges
* Excludes: lunch, dinner, travel insurance
* Lodging service fees are based on double occupancy. If wish to use a single room, additional fee is charged (60USD)
* Another hotel of the same class may be arranged, depending on local conditions.
* Tourists are recommended to buy traveler’s insurance individually. This tour program is only insured against boarding-related accidents.
* Minimum number of participants: 4 adults; If this requirement is not met, the tour is expected to be canceled and fees are fully refunded.









Tour information of This Year's Tour City (Jecheon, Muju) Province
Cheongpung Lake Pleasure Boat

Take a ferry to enjoy great views of the Cheongpung Lake and its surroundings. In particular, the most popular course is the 52 km route between Cheongpung and Janghoenaru. The round-trip takes 1.5 hours whereas one-way takes 40 minutes.

Uirimji Reservoir

The reservoir is a scenic spot with deep-seated history where it is loved by many Jechon citizens and visitors as a picnic area. The boat ride at the reservoir provides a romantic atmosphere, which creates truly good memories. The night view is so great that anyone who sees it will want to take a photo of it.

Herbal Medicine Expo Park

In order to understand the value of traditional Korean medicine and get closer to Korean culture, it will be worth a stop to see the various attractions and experience programs available at the expo. Facilities include Oriental Medicine Life Science Center, Fermentation Museum, and herb medicine exhibition center.
Herbal Tea Therapy Program

The Jechon herbal tea therapy program zone uses over 100 different kinds of medicinal plants, and also here you can visit a healing café where special tea are provided with several tea extraction methods.
Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Complex

The complex contains a variety of cultural heritages and artifacts that were collected from the region before it was flooded during the construction of Chungjuho Lake. Visitors can see national treasures, tangible cultural properties, and household artifacts.