Special Muslim Tour C : Shopping Tour

Minimum Pax: 3
Time Required: 09:00~17:30
Fee: KRW93,000p/p
Course: Hotel - Namdaemun Market - Duty Free Shop - Insadong Antique Shop Alley - Itaewon Mosque - Lunch at 'Eid' ('Kervan' on Mondays) - Cosmetic Store - Dongdaemun Market - Ginseng Center - Yongsan Electronics Market - Hotel

Includes : Tour guide, Vehicle, Admission fee, Hotel Pick up service, Halal meal

Itaewon Mosque (Islam Korea Seoul Central Masjid)
Seoul Central Masjid established by the Muslim community in 1969 is the first mosque in Seoul, South Korea. This mosque is located in Itaewon and they worship in English, Arabic and Korean.
In Seoul Central Masjid, located in between Hangang River and Namsan, there are an office, classroom, reception room on 1st floor, a men’s prayer hall on 2nd floor, and women’s one on 3rd floor.
In the Islam center of the side part, there are Islam shops, Prince Sultan Islamic School from on the ground floor to the third floor.
Outside of this mosque, Many Islam stores, Halal restaurants, Islamic bookstores, and Supermarkets are located which you can watch a lot conveniently.

Lunch in Korean Cuisine 'Eid', Halal Certified Restaurant on Itaewon (Close on Mondays)
'Eid' is the first Korean Halal Restaurant in Korea. This restaurant was officially certified by the KMF as well. They started to manage this restaurant for Muslim who would like to enjoy Korean food and all family working in this restaurant have become Muslim. 'Eid' customized Muslim not only Foods but also plates and interior. Also, they prepared a private room for ladies who wearing a hijab.
'Eid' uses Halal Meat which is slaughtered by regulations and they buy and cook green vegetables only for the day. They never use artificial additives, colors and flavors with their cuisine.

'Eid' is located right near Itaewon Mosque, so after prayer at noon in the Mosque you will have lunch.

Namdaemun Market
Namdaemun Market is the largest one in Seoul and shoppers may get any product in Korea at the cheapest price at here. Moreover it`s near from the center of Seoul, passengers can easily access to the major hotels even at night.

Authentically decorated tea houses serving an intriguing array of traditional teas, high-end antique galleries and delicious and innovation restaurants in Seoul are all found here, Insa-dong is a favorite stop for tourists who know that this is the place to find a perfect gift to take back home.

Dongdaemun Market
Dongdaemun Shopping Town has become famous for department store-quality clothes at affordable prices. Large malls such as Migliore and Doosan Tower attract many young people. Recently DDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaze) which is combines history and culture with the city, society, and economy was constructed.